Discover the new B2B portal

A digital tool that will grow your business.

Discover the new B2B portal

A digital tool that will grow your business.


We are a company with 30 years of experience focused on the online sales of hotels and services in LATAM for our clients from all over the world.


DTS Travel

Objetives About DTS Travel


Establish collaborative relationships with all our clients.

Values About DTS Travel


Quality, honesty, transparency, commitment, and responsibility.

Mission About DTS Travel


To provide top-quality services in the B2B tourism sector through personalized assistance and a commitment to customers, aiming to meet their travel needs and make their experiences unforgettable.

Vision About DTS Travel


To be globally recognized as a leading B2B travel service provider in Latam, offering flexible solutions and delivering an excellent experience to our clients.

DTS Travel Services

Why Clients

choose us?

We offer more than 12.000 hotels in LATAM.

Transfer and tours in more than 400 cities.

Own Inventory of Direct Contracts.

Standard Response Timeof 3 to 5 seconds.

We attend 24/7in your language.

Why Providers

choose us?

Why Providers choose us?


We serve global clients, ensuring effective distribution.


We respect your margins. We operate with net and dynamic rates, allowing you to adjust them based on your availability.


Integrating with our platform only requires a competitive price for our market.


We have integrations with leading Channel Managers, enabling an easy and fast connection.


Our system responds in real-time, within seconds. This minimizes errors and generates confirmed reservations promptly.


Our impeccable track record is what has allowed us to endure and evolve in our market for thirty years.